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Celebrity Experiences
Read some celebrities personal experiences of mental health
Say NO to bullying
There are many places to find out what you can do about bullying, here are two to start.

Who Can Help?

There are many ways to get help and support. Don't be afraid to TALK OUT LOUD about your mental health needs, everybody has them. You may have family or friends who will listen to you. If not, you may feel there is no-one to turn to. However, there are many counselling organisations, other groups and telephone helplines that are there to help you.

These services can help and support you. They have all had some training and experience of helping young people with their feelings. They may listen, advise or provide you with information that can help you to cope better. These services are confidential so you can be sure no-one else will be told about your problem.

Youth Counselling Agencies GP

Other useful links:

Ask Normen - Northamptonshire's Mental Health Gateway

Young Minds - 0808 802 5544

Child Line - 0800 1111

Relate - 0300 100 1234

CAN - 011604 824 777

Parent Line - 0808 800 2222

CYPS - 0300 126 1006