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Lots of young people say that talking about their problems helps. You may have family or friends who will listen to you. If not, you may feel there is no-one to turn to. However, there are many counselling organisations, other groups and telephone helplines that are there to help you.

Your GP will help, so will your teachers, school nurse and youth counselling services. They have all had some training and experience of helping young people with their feelings. They may listen, advise or provide you with information that can help you to cope better. These services are confidential so you can be sure no-one else will be told about your problems.

FInd Help and Support

Helping Yourself

There are lots of ways that you can address your mental health needs, some of them involve you helping yourself whilst others involve you asking for help and support. Don’t be afraid to TALK OUT LOUD about your mental health needs, everybody has them. There are lots of ways that you can get help or support.


For Support

To Get Help

Relax ... listen to music, take a bath
Talk to someone that you trust ... your friends, family and teachers
Talk to a counsellor
Keep yourself busy ... visit friends, go for a walk
Explore our website Talk to your doctor
Express yourself ... draw a picture
Join a group or a social activity

Do something you are good at or why not try learning something new?

Stay healthy, eat a good diet and exercise regularly

Help others