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Zelah Green, Queen of Clean...it's worth a read

Whilst having a clear out recently I came across a book which I read a couple of years ago and I have since started re-reading.


The book is aimed at young adults and in my opinion it is a brilliant read. It looks at the experiences of young people with mental health needs. Although the book looks closely at the trials and troubles of these young people it does so in a relatable way.


The book, Zelah Green, Queen of Clean by Vanessa Curtis explores the story of a girl who has obsessive compulsive disorder resulting in a fear of dirt and germs. Her life is overtaken by cleaning and her step mother decides it is time that she seeks help for her problems.


Zelah is reluctant to go away but when she gets there she meets many other young people who each have mental health needs of their own. Alice has anorexia, Caro harms herself and Sol, doesn’t speak.


As each character reveals and shares the story which led them to where they are now, friendships are formed and for some, things change for the better.


This book is definitely worth reading, whether or not you are interested in the mental health aspect of the book. The story is a heart-warming one which attempts to portray the struggles of living with a mental health problem as well as the power of others support.