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Northamptonshire launches tools to help professionals support young people who self-harm

Our Chair Emma Grinham was asked to attend a conference on Self Harm and Suicidal Ideation in Kettering last week to open the event and talk about why it’s so important to address this issue. The conference was aimed at any professionals who work with children (teachers, youth workers, social workers etc) to help them get a better understanding of self-harm and suicidal ideation and the help that is available.

Self harm has been a growing area of focus across the country, and the NHS & the County Council are working together to try to better support children, young people and families who have concerns of this nature.

The Conference explained about the range of services and support available for young people who are self-harming and also launched a toolkit that are available for everyone who works with children and young people which can be downloaded from http://www.asknormen.co.uk/self-harm-and-suicidal-ideation-conference-resources/.

There is also information on self-harm on our website at http://www.talkoutloud.info/how-do-you-feel/self-harm.aspx.

If you are worried about self-harm remember to TALK OUT LOUD about how you feel to somebody you trust or find some help and support. Take a look at this page of our website to find out where you can access support http://www.talkoutloud.info/who-can-help.aspx.