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How can the Government help you to help your friends?

We know that young people are often the first to spot when something is wrong with their friends (or peers) and often confide in each other first – that’s why this Mental Health Awareness Day we launched our Think it, Talk it, Work it through campaign. 

Whether it’s a friend who is suffering from an eating disorder or someone not coping with exam stress at school we know a young person is more likely to TALK OUT LOUD to a friend.  The Government feels that as a result of this, young people should be trained in how to spot the signs that a friend needs help, so they can support their friend in getting the help that they need.

The Government is looking to seek views and opinions of young people before they start developing different ways to make young people more aware about how to spot the signs that a friend might need to talk to somebody and train them on how to support them. 

They have launched a ‘call for evidence’ - in other words, they are looking for examples of where schemes to help young people support each other have been launched and were a success. 

They particularly want to hear from young people as you understand better than anyone the pressures that your friends face and how we can help you to support them.