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The Northamptonshire Mental Health Stigma Programme is an NHS and county council initiative that is driven by young people to:

  • Help spread the message that ‘mental health is everybody’s business.'
  • Increase awareness of mental health needs, draw attention to the stigma and discrimination experienced by young people with mental health needs and challenge the negative perceptions of mental health needs
  • Raise awareness amongst young people about mental health issues, stigma and where they can access help and support
  • Encourage young people to take responsibility for tackling mental health stigma
  • Work with you people to develop services that are accessible and in settings that young people are comfortable in.

Within this section of the site you will find lots of useful information about the Mental Health Stigma Programme, some useful resources and details on the key initiatives linked to the programme.

If you need any information, training or support in delivering the programme in your school please contact:

Tessa Parkinson
3Active UK
Tel: 07799 880611