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Did you know?...
Did you know.....
  • We all need people
  • Everyone differs in the amount of time that they need to spend with others
  • Feeling lonely is a real problem not a weakness
  • Being really lonely can make it harder to do the things you need to do to meet people.

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LonelyWhat is loneliness?

We all recognise the feeling of loneliness. It's feeling like you've got no one to talk to or be around. Most of the time that's a feeling that passes when we get home to our families or see our friends or partners, but sometimes loneliness can last longer and even cause us problems.

It's really common for young people to feel lonely sometimes. Life is full of new experiences, new people to meet, new places to go. You're trying new things and changing. It's not surprising that you sometimes feel that there isn't anyone you can talk to who understands you. Usually the feeling of loneliness passes.
There are two kinds of loneliness. One kind of loneliness is having no one at all to speak to, as if you were on a desert island. This isn't that common unless you live alone.

The other kind of loneliness is feeling that there is no one around you who understands you or who you can really connect with. This is much more common and affects people of all ages.

There aren't really any rules for the amount of time you need to spend around other people. Some people like to be around people all the time. Other people enjoy spending time on their own. It only causes us problems when we don't get the amount of time and understanding from people that we need.

If you are feeling lonely, it can make it more difficult to deal with any challenges that you're having in life.

What can I do about feeling lonely?

The first thing to do is to admit that you feel lonely. It's okay to feel lonely and it doesn't mean that you are weak. Sometimes it's just really hard to find people you get on with.

The best way to find people you get on with is to find a new activity or thing to be involved in. Friendships are made when we share something together.

Exercise Physical exercise helps keep you occupied and can be a way of making new friends.
Are you getting enough sleep? Not getting enough sleep can make us tired, which makes it more likely that we don’t make the effort to be with other people.
Talk to someone It can help a lot to speak to someone that you trust if you feel like things are getting on top of you.