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Did you know?...
Did you know.....
  • Depression is when you are so unhappy that you can't do the things you need to do
  • Anyone can get depression
  • Sometimes depression is caused by things in your life and sometimes it isn't
  • If you are depressed you can't just 'pull yourself together'.

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What is depression?

We all get sad sometimes when bad things happen to us or when things don’t turn out the way we’d liked. It's a very natural thing. We might even say that we feel depressed, but that isn’t the same as the medical condition called depression.

Depression is a one of the most common mental health difficulties. When someone is experiencing depression it is far more difficult to feel happy and positive about the world.

Depression is what’s called a mood disorder. A mood disorder is something that interferes with our feelings making them more extreme and making it harder for us to just get on with things. When people are depressed they can’t just ‘pull themselves together’ or ‘cheer up’.

The main symptoms of depression are:

Not getting any enjoyment from things that you normally like doing,
Not being able to feel happier when good things happen.
You might feel tearful or irritable a lot of the time.
You might feel tired all the time and find it very difficult to speak to people.
When people are depressed they can feel guilty about things that they wouldn’t normally feel guilty about or find it hard to see that good things can happen.
• If you have been feel these things most of the time for more than three weeks it’s possible that you might be experiencing depression.

What causes depression?

Sometimes depression can come from a difficult life experience. Other times depression simply happens without any easy to spot reasons.

Sometimes depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain. Scientists also think that genetics plays a part, so some people might be more likely to feel depressed especially if their Mum or Dad or other close relatives experience it.

Getting Help
Triggers Understanding depression and its ‘triggers’ (what makes you feel depressed) can be helpful for people trying to manage the condition.
Physical exercise can help better manage depression. Even a walk or a session at the gym can make your body release the chemical that relaxes you and cancels the stress chemical.
People with depression usually respond well to talking therapies such as appointments with a counsellor.
The Doctor is most people’s first point of contact with the NHS. Many patients visiting their GP are there for help with emotional difficulties, so the doctor will be used to listening to these types of problems. A doctor can suggest a range of treatments, depending on the nature of a person’s difficulties.
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