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How Do You Feel?

We all have mental health, the same way we have physical health.

It isn’t easy being young. We all experience ups and downs and have times when we feel sad, upset, frustrated, tired or confused. These feelings usually pass quickly. Mental health difficulties are things that aren’t so easy to shift.

Below are different feelings related to our mental health. Scroll over each feeling to find out more.

You may feel angry because you have problems at school, at home or with your friends or you might feel unhappy and these emotions come out in anger. Mental health needs can make us feel high as well as low.
Are you worried about something in particular like exams, friends, home? Sometimes people's life experiences leave them feeling numb, dead or unreal – if you feel like this you might need to talk to somebody about your experience.
Sometimes without the right support, we can become distressed about situations and find then hard to deal with. Sometimes because of this muddled thinking, it may be difficult to follow what a person is saying, and hard to have an ordinary conversation with them.
People with mental health needs can experience feelings of isolation because they feel they are not understood. We all get sad sometimes, we might even say that we feel depressed, but that isn’t the same as the medical condition called depression – do you need to talk to someone?
Everyone has times in their life when they feel very happy and this is a good thing. Sometimes stress comes from being in a situation you think that you can't change.
We can all feel sad from time to time, can you see a way to make yourself feel happier or would it be best to talk to somebody about it? If we have good mental health we feel much more energetic able to deal with things.

A mental health need could last for a few minutes or it could last for more than a few hours or days and gets in the way of you doing stuff you need to do. It might cause you problems or upset you, or make it harder to do things that you would normally. It’s also something that you will probably need to look for a bit of help with, just like you would for a physical illness or an injury.

We usually know when we need some advice or treatment for our bodies. If we break our arm we know straight away that we need to get to hospital. If we get a cold we know that it’s time for a few days in bed and plenty of hot drinks. It can be harder to know when we might need to get some help or support about how we feel.

The pages in this section of the website will help you to understand the different kinds of mental health needs, how they make you feel and what help is available.